Although there are so many great sporting options to mind your attention this time of year, we’re taking a quick look at the upcoming NBA season. Well actually, just one particular stat from the NBA. While there are so many advanced metrics in basketball and sites with some great analysis – like this one, this […]

Seattle Sounders FC took on regional rival Vancouver Whitecaps on Wednesday night at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, and the Sounders continued their string of disappointing results heading into the final games of the regular season. Whitecaps 18-year old rookie Kekuta Manneh became the youngest player in MLS history to record at hat-trick, leading his team […]

Yesterday we looked at some trends in the standings from this season in baseball, so today we follow-up with how well the so-called “experts” were able to correctly predict the division-winning teams before the season began. I came across the PunditTracker blog whose mission is to “bring accountability to the prediction industry.” They basically call analysts […]

The MLB playoffs are officially underway after all of that wildcard nonsense was figured out the past three nights. Here’s what you missed out on if you were waiting for the playoffs to actually begin: the Rays beat the Rangers in the AL play-in-game play-in-game on Monday, the Pirates beat the Reds in the NL […]

Here’s another poor attempt to make some fun and interesting connections using stats. We’ll start with the number 17 today, because the Chiefs needed every last point of the 17 they scored this weekend to beat the Cowboys. And it’s the 17th day of September. Did that blow your mind? C.J. Wilson of the 73-77 […]

Last week we took a look at the cities with the most successful major league sports teams. The post can be found here. We focused specifically on titles and championship appearances since 1990, and we found that Boston, St. Louis, and New York had the highest percentage of seasons for their teams ending in a championship […]

The MLB season is winding down as the NFL opens regular season play this weekend. While the playoff teams are starting to take shape on the baseball side, all 32 NFL teams harbor some sort of hope of the playoffs or more. The Pittsburgh Pirates are closing in on their first playoff appearance and winning […]

College football is finally starting play this weekend. Bring on the Stats has been looking forward to this since we formed six months ago. I mean, our name is inspired by the esteemed Kansas State Wildcats fan page, Bringonthecats, so you know we can’t wait for kickoff on Friday night at Bill Snyder Family Stadium […]

Cubs relief pitcher Carlos Villanueva threw 10 pitches in last night’s game against the Nationals. Nine of the pitches were pretty normal for Villanueva; he averaged around 90 mph for 5 fastballs and 85 mph for his sliders. However, it was this pitch to Jayson Werth where Villanueva channeled his inner Henry Rowengartner and surprised everyone […]

Here’s an attempt to make some fun and interesting connections using stats. If it is neither fun, nor interesting, blame Urban Meyer. He seems like a good guy to blame for things. Matt Holliday has grounded into a major league leading 27 double plays this season, or exactly once every 4 games he has played. […]