Monthly Archives: August 2013

K-State Football: Some stats you need to know

College football is finally starting play this weekend. Bring on the Stats has been looking forward to this since we formed six months ago. I mean, our name is inspired by the esteemed Kansas State Wildcats fan page, Bringonthecats, so you know we can’t wait for kickoff on Friday night at Bill Snyder Family Stadium […]

I Can’t Drive 57

Cubs relief pitcher Carlos Villanueva threw 10 pitches in last night’s game against the Nationals. Nine of the pitches were pretty normal for Villanueva; he averaged around 90 mph for 5 fastballs and 85 mph for his sliders. However, it was this pitch to Jayson Werth where Villanueva channeled his inner Henry Rowengartner and surprised everyone […]

Number Fun!

Here’s an attempt to make some fun and interesting connections using stats. If it is neither fun, nor interesting, blame Urban Meyer. He seems like a good guy to blame for things. Matt Holliday has grounded into a major league leading 27 double plays this season, or exactly once every 4 games he has played. […]

Pitchers vs. Goalkeepers

Goalkeeping in soccer is much like pitching in baseball. A high amount of the success of pitchers and goalkeepers is due to defensive performance. Pitchers can’t strike every batter out and must rely on the defense recording outs, and goalkeepers can’t save every shot world class players take without some sort of defensive pressure. There […]

The Drum Corps Post

The Drum Corps International World Championships took place this past weekend in Indianapolis. For those unfamiliar with Drum Corps International (DCI), it is a competitive group of marching music ensembles who travel the country competing against other ensembles in performances throughout the summer. Why would this blog have any concern with marching band*? Well, we […]