Monthly Archives: April 2013

Struggling Moose

The Royals lineup, as everyone knows, has a wealth of young players who the team feels are poised to breakout this season. Lorenzo Cain has taken advantage of some fortunate BABIP help to put up solid numbers so far this season. Shortstop Jesus Alcides Escobar continues to surprise with his offense and knack for hitting […]

NFL Draft and really fast 40-yard times

The drawn-out ridiculousness that is the NFL Draft begins Thursday with the 5 hour-long first round. The second and third rounds take place on Friday, while rounds 4-7 are on Saturday. Does anybody actually pay attention to the final rounds of the NFL Draft? When does draft overload take place for the general public? For me […]

How the MLS stacks up with other top leagues

Last week we took a look at the timing of goal scoring in the Premier League. Goals become increasingly common as the match progresses, and we saw that over 21% of all goals are scored in the final 15 minutes of the match, including stoppage time. Overall, 56% of goals take place in the second […]


This time of the baseball season is when a hot start can cause some very interesting results when looking at boxscore stats. Since we can all agree that it is one of the most pro-American things to love home runs, I like to look at cool stats involving the long ball. I mean, there is crazy […]

What is up with Mauer?

It is entirely too early in the season to be making crazy assumptions and drawing conclusions on how successfully or poorly a player will perform based on what they’ve done already this season. We’ve played almost 6% of the season so far, which is roughly somwhere in the 4th quarter of a game in week […]

Manchester Derby and Premier League goals

The Premier League is winding down with little drama. Manchester United has the title basically wrapped up with only 7 games remaining. They lead the Premiership by 12 points over city rival Manchester City. That doesn’t mean they are playing meaningless games right now as they took on the hated Sky Blues from Manchester City in […]

Great defense meets great offense in the Title Game!

It’s incredibly fitting that tonight’s title game has the best offensive team in college basketball meeting up with the top defense according to Ken Pomeroy’s adjusted efficiency ratings. Throughout Michigan’s run to the Final Four, they surpassed Indiana as the most efficient offense, scoring 121.7 points per 100 possessions. Louisville has had the top defense […]

Yu Darvish comes crazy close to perfecto and how it compares to other perfectos

Yu Darvish was nearly unhittable last night for the Rangers against the incredibly overmatched Astros. He was on the cusp of completing a perfect game after he had retired the first 26 batters he faced with relative ease. It was so depressing to see Marwin Gonzalez’s liner go through Darvish’s legs; the dagger that ended the perfecto, no-hitter, complete […]

Opening Day

Today is Opening Day! Technically, meaningful baseball was played last night in the Battle of the Republic of Texas, but the Rangers and Astros really wasn’t doing it for me. Today is the day people look forward to after the last out of the World Series. It means spring is officially here and, for us […]