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Best game of the tourney so far

Last night’s 87-85 OT win by Michigan over Kansas was probably the best game of the tournament so far.  It was also the one Sweet Sixteen matchup with the most high profile Player of the Year candidates for each squad with Trey Burke of Michigan and Jeff Withey of Kansas. Kansas also has Freshman of […]

Tourney Math!

The field of 68 got pared down to 16 in just a matter of days this weekend. There were plenty of surprising teams, clutch veterans, and experienced teams that survived the first weekend. Now that your bracket is completely shot, let’s compare all of the upsets from so far to previous seasons. Were there more upsets […]

Santana: tasty guitar licks, or bad pitching

This past offseason, the Kansas City Royals traded a minor league player no one had ever heard of to the Angels in exchange for starting pitcher Ervin Santana. Why would the Angels basically give the Royals a 30-year old starting pitcher? Well the Angels were on the hook to pay one of the worst starting […]

Bracket Time!

The table below has the entire NCAA tournament field in order of how the selection committee seeded each team. Louisville is the number 1 overall seed, all the way down to the Liberty Flames, from Lynchburg, VA. I’ve included a few different computer ranking systems that could be used to evaluate each team when picking your […]

It’s baseball payday

Happy Friday. It’s payday. College basketball is heating up. We have a whole weekend of St. Patty’s Day celebrations in front of us. Things are great. Well here’s a healthy does of humility from bring on the stats. Here’s a graph showing how the average baseball player’s salary has increased relative to inflation since 1995. […]

Who’s a better player: Carlos Gonzalez or Alberto Callaspo?

Who is a better player: Colorado Rockies star Carlos Gonzalez or LA Angels scrapper Alberto Callaspo? That’s a difficult question to answer, and one that leads itself towards opinionated responses. Statistics can be a tool to help us to answer questions like this. But if we want  scientific answer without opinion, we should really rephrase […]

Here’s some cliché for you: Defense wins Championships

It’s Friday. Nobody wants to work. Nobody wants to read alot of words. So here’s some numbers from Ken Pomeroy’s website showing the adjusted efficiency ratings for the Final Four teams from the last 4 seasons. Adjusted offensive efficiency is a team’s points scored per 100 possessions. Adjusted defensive efficiency is points allowed per 100 […]

Scoring Efficiency in Soccer

Major League Soccer opened its 18th season of play this weekend to a full slate of games. Soccer may not have as much popularity and support in America as say, the NFL, but the beautiful game is the most popular sport in the world, and it has avid and loyal supporters in the main American league. Undoubtedly, […]

How important are spring training stats to regular season performance?

It’s March now, which means it’s not February anymore. It also means baseball opening day is less than a month away and many fans are doing their annual overreaction to spring training stats. They see their team losing to the Astros, or their favorite player struggling through the Grapefruit League, and they tend to sound […]