Monthly Archives: February 2013

100m dash world records: Holy sh%t, that’s fast!

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt holds the world record in the 100 meter dash with a time of 9.58. That’s crazy fast. He bested his previous world record from the 2008 Beijing games by a full 0.09 seconds when he ran his race exactly one year after his Olympic run. Last year in the London Olympics […]

Win probability after a controversial call

Last night’s KU – Iowa St. game was very important for many reasons: Big XII title on the line, NCAA tournament chances for the Cyclones, and seeding for the Jayhawks. It’s unfortunate the great game that was played between the two teams had to come down to an official’s judgement to swallow the whistle at […]

So you want to hit a MLB home run?

If you wanted to hit a major league home run, and let’s say that’s a reasonable wish, how do you go about doing it? Think Rookie of the Year, except you are in your mid-twenties and actually possess the physical capabilities of hitting a big league pitch out of a baseball stadium.* But you know, […]

Plate Discipline: Who needs it?

Whenever I think of plate discipline I think of Brad Pitt calling Kevin Youkilis the Greek God of Walks. And while the movie (and book, originally) Moneyball did bring the idea of on base percentage to the masses, I want to know more about plate discipline. It’s true; Youkilis did swing at only 37.4% of […]

Welcome to Bring on the Stats

Welcome to Bring on the Stats! We are focused on giving you a little bit of analytical insight into sports. We’re not just looking at statistical outputs from games (although we will have plenty of that); we are also studying how a game is played based on numbers. Like do you foul when your team […]

George Brett Talks Royals

  Eric Byrnes looks like a dufus and George Brett talks about his beloved Royals. Great stuff about Salvy Perez, but I just kept waiting for him to tell this story.