MLS is nearing the quarter point in it’s long and grueling season. Now is the awkward time where it may be too early to overreact to the good or bad things we are seeing on the pitch, but we can also start to see trends developing. The Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake have gotten […]

Colorado Rockies Shortstop Trevor Story’s powerful start to his career has had the baseball world buzzing the first week of the season. He became the first player in baseball history to have 6 home runs in the first 4 games of his career, with his two-run dinger on Friday against the Padres. He is in elite […]

Phish recently released a new studio album and are in the middle of a big summer tour. They were recently on Jimmy Fallon, and you can see their performances here and here. They were even guests on Letterman, where they played a full set of music in the Ed Sullivan Theatre after the taping of the show. They’ve been on […]

We all know the United States was eliminated from the World Cup yesterday with a disappointing loss to a very strong Belgium squad. It took an absolute historic effort from the Secretary of Defense Tim Howard to keep the score as close as it was. The game itself actually resembled the U.S. games from the group […]

Now that everyone is filling out their brackets at the last-minute, I wanted to take a look at which teams are under-seeded and over-seeded. A very basic and crude way of calculating this is to compare the seed that the NCAA placed a team to an average of various ranking systems, such as the RPI, […]

The Big XII conference has been the consensus top conference all season in college basketball. With 70% of its members likely making the NCAA tournament, this week’s Big XII Tournament in Kansas City should prove to be full of drama as each game is basically a toss-up. The depth of the conference and absurd amount of great college […]

Batting orders are one of the most hotly debated topics, possibly in all sports, that have some of the smallest effect on the actual outcome of games. It’s difficult to think of any other item in which more energy is expended analyzing with less gain than the study of batting orders. I guess that’s how […]

The NFL playoffs are in full swing with four great games with compelling match-ups this weekend. But with the Chiefs’ inexcusable meltdown in Indianapolis still fresh on everyone’s minds, I can’t seem to muster up the will to write about football. Not even the instant classic BCS Championship game, with Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston […]

If you haven’t checked out Forbes study of the most valuable college football teams and the teams that are the best value for the money, you really should. Like right now. It’s no surprise the Texas Longhorns football program is the most valuable team in all of college football. With this Forbes study and the recent […]

Sporting Kansas City captured the MLS Cup Championship this weekend at Sporting Park on an icy pitch that was more suited for curling than soccer. The win over Western Conference Champion Real Salt Lake wasn’t decided until the teams battled for 120 minutes and matched each other shot-for-shot in 10 rounds of penalty kick shootout. The […]